4 Family-Friendly Activities In Los Gatos, California


Planning a trip with children means finding a destination that has a good deal of kid-friendly activities to keep them entertained. If you want a locale that is great for the whole family, Los Gatos, California is a fantastic place to visit. Here are a few activities to do with children in Los Gatos, California.


  1. Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad & Bill Mason Carousel

Vacations can seem like a bore for children, but if you mention that you’re going to take a train ride or on a carousel, young children are bound to get excited. The carousel and railroad both exist as a legacy of Billy Jones in the hopes of preserving history. In fact, the proceeds and donations go to maintaining the railroad and carousel so that people of all ages can have a fun and educational experience. The carousel is a beautiful antique creation. The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad goes through Oak Meadow Park as well as Vasona Park. The tickets are extremely affordable at only $2 for either the train ride or the carousel. This is bound to be an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.


2. Vasona Lake County Park

This 150-acre park is one of the most popular park and recreation locales in the area. This park is perfect for children, offering a number of playgrounds. And if your family loves to bike ride, why not travel down the bike paths and explore the beauty of nature with your family? If you’re in the area on a summer vacation with children, you’ll want to bring the whole family to the park’s free outdoor concerts every Saturday in June and July. Another must-see is the Youth Science Institute at Vasone, which is bound to satisfy your child’s inquisitive mind.

Late afternoon sun on the Heinz OSP Summit Trail Hike No 18

3. Belgatos Park

The beautiful city of Los Gatos, California has no shortage of natural beauty. And therefore there is no shortage of parks. This park may seem small upon first entering it, but if you follow the trails through the woods, your whole family will be in awe of the beauty of nature. There are number of incredible views, including the Belgatos Dam and the Belgatos Creek, which comes out from the base of the dam. If you want to see awe inspiring views of the South Bay, take the Ridge Trail. And if your children don’t want to go on lengthy hikes, the park is also complete with a playground and picnic tables.


4. Bachman Park

Located in close proximity to downtown Los Gatos, this park is a great place for children. There is a playground and sandbox for younger children to play in. If your children are a little older, there is is a large lawn where people can play sports, as well as a basketball hoop. This park may be a bit smaller than the others, but it is a nice place to have a quaint picnic. Not to mention the park’s size comes in handy when you want to keep an eye on your kids while also allowing them to do things somewhat on their own.

Los Gatos, California is just as family-friendly as it is beautiful. If you want to take in the scenic beauty of nature while also keeping your children entertained, Los Gatos is the place to do so. With places for children to play and activities that are fun of the whole family, Los Gatos truly has it all!